DIY Disney’s Orange Bird Pumpkin

Bring a little sunshine to your porch with Disney’s Orange Bird Pumpkin, an easy DIY Disney theme park inspired no-carve pumpkin that brings a sunny twist to Fall decor.

Disney DIY Orange Bird Pumpkin Fall Decoration Tutorial from

Think Orange Thoughts

Hello Sunshines! Today, I’m sharing this sunny citrus no-carve pumpkin inspired by the cheerful Walt Disney World’s character from Adventureland, the one and only Orange Bird! I’m so glad the Orange Bird is here to stay, he just sprinkles the sunshine all around and I CANNOT get enough of it, could eat it all up sunny goodness. (<<<Last part is definitely so true, that Citrus Swirl is soooo yummy!)

Now, I know it seems a little weird to be adding such a sunny character to your fall decor, that you normally would see during spring and summer times for all the sunny vibes, BUT who doesn’t need a little more sunshine in their lives?! I’ll take all the bright and lovely vibes I can get! And, luckily pumpkins think orange too, so it’s the perfect no-carve pumpkin decor to bring a little sunshine into your life.

Craft Your Own Citrus Sunshine

To add a pop of Florida’s sunshine into your fall decorations, you’ll need a cute little pumpkin with the few tools and materials listed below!

Tools and Materials

  • Pumpkin (real or fake – just be sure you are able to remove the stem pretty easily)
  • Scissors
  • Yellow, Orange, and Black Craft Paint
  • Green Card Stock
  • Paint Brush
  • Pencil
  • Hot Glue or Craft Glue
  • Have an image of Orange Bird on hand to use as a guide when tracing the face onto the pumpkin.


  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Pop off the stem, as this is where we will paint The Orange Bird’s cute face!
  3. Paint the area where the stem used to be with orange craft paint.
  4. Once dry, start outlining Orange Bird’s facial features onto the pumpkin. I used this image of Orange Bird to as a guide  draw the eye’s beak and eyebrows onto my pumpkin. Then paint all the facial features with the appropriate colors.
  5. To make the two greenery leaves for our Orange Bird, cut out appropriate sized leaves from the green card stock based on the size of the pumpkin you picked out. I folded my leaves down the middle to give it a more organic look.
  6. Then bend a small portion of the bottom of the leaves so it can glue down nicely onto the pumpkin. Glue down the leaves slightly off center on the top circumference of the pumpkin.
  7. Rest the pumpkin on it’s side to view just how cute this Disney World character truly is. It’s perfect for porches, mantels and well, just about anywhere!
Disney DIY Orange Bird Pumpkin Fall Decoration Tutorial from

I could almost taste the Citrus Swirl while creating this Orange Bird Pumpkin! He has made such a lovely addition to our fall decor on our porch and always brings a smile just looking at cheerful face. I hope this little Orange Bird pumpkin brightens so many homes this fall, I mean he is just so cute in any room or porch! If you made an Orange Bird pumpkin, I’d love to see this happy little fella, you can find me here on Instagram!

Spread the sunshine by reppining the image below so this cutie can send Florida’s sunny vibes to friends all around!

Disney DIY Orange Bird Pumpkin Fall Decoration Tutorial from

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