DIY Disney Halloween: Villain Silhouette Gallery Wall

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

Give your wall gallery an evil twist this Halloween with these wicked Disney Villain silhouettes you can make yourself.

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

The Baddest of Them All

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?

If you’re a Disney lover like me, odds are that at some point you’ve partaken in a heated debate of who is the baddest Disney villain? Disney has created some pretty awesome baddies that we just love to hate or just downright love, so it’s no wonder why there is such a vicious debate. Look, we’ve all got our reasons for why we hold a favorite misfit in such high esteem as the baddest villain there ever was BUT they are ALL so irresistibly and deliciously evil (Oooh I got a sudden chill, just typing that). And what’s a better time to celebrate their wicked appeal than at Halloween time? Revel in the darker side of Disney this Halloween and show these devious baddies the love they deserve by creating your own Disney Villain silhouettes gallery wall.

Evil This Iconic Deserves to be Framed

Is your wall lacking in sinister flair? Well lucky for you, you poor simple fools as Maleficent would say, I’ve got just the killer DIY project that turns your poor unfortunate walls into a sinfully decorative masterpiece even Ursula would crave in her lair. Today, I’m sharing how your favorite Disney Villains can slay a gallery wall that will have you looking forward to seeing their evil presences everyday. With evil this iconic, they deserved to be framed. So I’ll be showing you how to create this wickedly easy (and wickedly striking) DIY framed silhouettes of the most evil Villains.

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

Slaying the Gallery Wall

To make these DIY Disney Villain Silhouettes, all you need is a few tools and materials and you’re on your way to slaying your gallery wall like a true Villain!


  • A computer and printer
  • Scissors and/or Craft Knife (If you use a craft knife you might need to use a cutting mat)
  • Ruler


  • Pick your poison and locate Disney Villain silhouettes, the badder the better! I found Maleficent and Jafar from the Disney Family site here, they also have the baddest lion of Pride Rock, Scar! I also used these wicked Villain silhouettes of Lady Tremaine, The Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook and Cruela de Vil created by Mandee on her website Designs By Miss Mandee, plus she has more vicious villains so be sure to check those out!
  • Black card stock
  • Cream mat board or card stock
  • Black frames (I used 2 (5×7), 2 (4×6) frames and 2 (3″) embroidery hoops)
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil


  1. Gather tools and materials. I printed out different sizes of the silhouettes to fit the different size frames I had.
  2. Trace around the frame’s cardboard backing on the cream mat board and cut it out, set aside.
  3. Using scissors or a craft knife, cut out the printed silhouette. If you printed the template on cardstock, proceed to step 4. If you printed on regular printer paper, trace that silhouette onto the black card stock. Then once again, using scissors or a craft knife cut out the black card stock silhouette.
  4. Using a ruler, locate the center of the cream mat board and mark the center. Apply craft glue to the back of the black card stock silhouette and place in the center of mat board, pressing down gently for the glue to adhere.
  5.  Then you’re ready to pop these Villains into your frame and ready to hang for a wicked gallery wall.
Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY Step-by-step tutorial.

Repeat the steps for all the Villains you desire! And now you have the fiercest wall of them all! Mwhahaha!! I guess what they say is true, sometimes it is good to be bad!

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

These silhouettes are perfectly wretched for Halloween decorations, but I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to keep them up all year-round!

Let me know who’s your favorite baddie in the comments below or show me your Villainy wall gallery on Instagram.

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY
Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

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