DIY Disney Halloween: Villain Silhouette Gallery Wall

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

Give your wall gallery an evil twist this Halloween with these wicked Disney Villain silhouettes you can make yourself.

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

The Baddest of Them All

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?

If you’re a Disney lover like me, odds are that at some point you’ve partaken in a heated debate of who is the baddest Disney villain? Disney has created some pretty awesome baddies that we just love to hate or just downright love, so it’s no wonder why there is such a vicious debate. Look, we’ve all got our reasons for why we hold a favorite misfit in such high esteem as the baddest villain there ever was BUT they are ALL so irresistibly and deliciously evil (Oooh I got a sudden chill, just typing that). And what’s a better time to celebrate their wicked appeal than at Halloween time? Revel in the darker side of Disney this Halloween and show these devious baddies the love they deserve by creating your own Disney Villain silhouettes gallery wall. read more

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