The Ultimate Mickey’s 90th Birthday Collaborations Gift Guide

Ultimate Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Collaborations Gift Guide- Disney Gift Guide from

It’s a Mickey world, and we love living in it! Have you noticed Mickey Mouse is back on trend (not that he ever wasn’t) —  that’s because he’s celebrating 90 years!

To celebrate our beloved mouse, brands have teamed up with Disney to release Mickey themed swag!

So if your are looking for a special gift to give a Disney fan (or maybe you are the ultimate Disney fan) keep on scrolling to get your much needed dose of Mickey Mouse that you can wear, use, and enjoy! And believe me you’re going to want it all! Sorry, bank accounts! read more

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The 10 Best Home Decor Gifts on Etsy for Disney Fans

Well it’s officially Holiday season and that means bustin’ out all the lights, trees, crankin’ out ALL THE cookies, and sprinkling holiday cheer like confetti all over town!

And it also means shopping and finding the perfect gift for those closest to us. Maybe you’ve got some Disney loving pals and you’re on the hunt for some awesome Disney treasures!

But when it comes to Disney, there are lots of dinglehoppers, whosits, and whatsits galore, (sorry for the Little Mermaid lingo, I just couldn’t resist) where it can get a little, okay a lot, overwhelming but as a loyal Disney fan, I’ve got you covered.
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Mickey Mouse Suncatcher Kids Craft

Let Mickey Magic shine throughout your home with Mickey Mouse Suncatchers. This craft is simple enough for kids to make for a fun activity to celebrate Mickey’s birthday!

A couple of days ago, I showed you how create your own Mickey Mouse Stained Glass Suncatcher in honor of his milestone birthday! I also said I’d be sharing how to create an easy suncatcher to celebrate his big day that is great for the whole family. So here it is!

Mickey Magic for Your Windows

I love how easy this handmade suncatcher is to make! Even if you’re not crafty, I promise you can make these suncatchers, they just require basic coloring skills. And besides even if you or your little one is guilty of coloring outside of the lines, that’s still okay, it’ll make it more unique.
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Mickey Mouse Stained Glass Suncatcher

Today I’m sharing a Mickey Mouse Stained Glass Suncatcher Tutorial for you!  I’ve included a free printable template you can download to use as a guideline for creating the Mickey Mouse Suncatcher! This suncatcher is inspired by the Classic Mickey in honor of his milestone 90th Birthday!

This tutorial is for crafters who have experience working with stained glass OR if you are a beginner, make sure you are working with someone who has experience with stained glass.

It All Started With A Mouse

Mickey Mouse Stained Glass Suncatcher Disney DIY Tutorial from

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.”

Walt Disney

The mouse that started Walt Disney’s entertainment empire, a company I hands-down love, is celebrating a big milestone birthday this year. Ninty years, this little fella has brought joy to so many children and kids-at-heart all around the world for decades.

The big Day is November 18th, but is Disney kicking off the celebration with Mickey’s 90 Spectacular airing November 4 on ABC. And the celebrations don’t stop there. Disney Theme Parks are planning major events to celebrate their star of the show! And they are collaborating with many brands to commemorate this iconic mouse allowing Disney lovers, like myself, to celebrate our favorite mouse at home. read more

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DIY Disney’s Orange Bird Pumpkin

Bring a little sunshine to your porch with Disney’s Orange Bird Pumpkin, an easy DIY Disney theme park inspired no-carve pumpkin that brings a sunny twist to Fall decor.

Disney DIY Orange Bird Pumpkin Fall Decoration Tutorial from

Think Orange Thoughts

Hello Sunshines! Today, I’m sharing this sunny citrus no-carve pumpkin inspired by the cheerful Walt Disney World’s character from Adventureland, the one and only Orange Bird! I’m so glad the Orange Bird is here to stay, he just sprinkles the sunshine all around and I CANNOT get enough of it, could eat it all up sunny goodness. (<<<Last part is definitely so true, that Citrus Swirl is soooo yummy!)
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How to Make Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts Window Silhouettes

Beware, you might walk away from this step-by-step tutorial with these ghosts following you home! If you want to host these iconic Disney theme park ghosts, you can make these grim grinning window silhouettes in just five steps.

Beware of the Hitchhiking Ghosts

Y’all the hitchhiking ghosts have followed me home! I can’t say I wasn’t warned though! Ghost Host said it loud and spooky… I mean clear, he said it loud and clear, followed by evil laughter. But we’ve gladly welcomed these ghosts to our home to haunt all those who come to our porch this Halloween season. Andddd those who drive by. I mean after all, they are hitchhikers and they are constantly lookin’ to hitch a ride in a doom buggy!
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Mickey Pumpkin Embroidery Hoop Art

Celebrate Fall the Disney Main Street way with this simple Mickey pumpkin embroidery hoop art. This DIY project is perfect for first time stitchers and embroidery veterans to celebrate the Main Street magic.

Main Street Mickey Pumpkin Inspiration

Fall is certainly my favorite time of year. I live for it. The cooler temps, the vibrant colors, the fall festivities, the decorations, and pumpkin everything.

But there is nothing like fall in the Parks. And you know where my all-time-favorite place to enjoy all the FALL FEELS in the Park is? MAIN STREET, U.S.A. The street down to the castle gets lots of pumpkins and my favorite pumpkins are the Mickey inspired ones. I think we can all agree that there can never be enough Mickey Pumpkin. read more

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DIY Disney Halloween: Villain Silhouette Gallery Wall

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

Give your wall gallery an evil twist this Halloween with these wicked Disney Villain silhouettes you can make yourself.

Disney Villains Silhouettes Gallery Wall DIY

The Baddest of Them All

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?

If you’re a Disney lover like me, odds are that at some point you’ve partaken in a heated debate of who is the baddest Disney villain? Disney has created some pretty awesome baddies that we just love to hate or just downright love, so it’s no wonder why there is such a vicious debate. Look, we’ve all got our reasons for why we hold a favorite misfit in such high esteem as the baddest villain there ever was BUT they are ALL so irresistibly and deliciously evil (Oooh I got a sudden chill, just typing that). And what’s a better time to celebrate their wicked appeal than at Halloween time? Revel in the darker side of Disney this Halloween and show these devious baddies the love they deserve by creating your own Disney Villain silhouettes gallery wall. read more

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Spooky-web Mickey String Art

With Halloween creeping up on us, it’s time to add a little spooky into our home décor. And if I’m being honest, I tend to like fall and Halloween decorations that are cute and whimsy and well… not scary. But it wouldn’t be Halloween without adding a little spooky in there somewhere… I mean that’s part of the fun. So I was bound and determined to create some décor pieces that weren’t too scary, weren’t too cutesy and weren’t too hard to create. I believe this spider web Mickey string art is just the right amount of spooky and fun. This DIY Disney inspired Halloween décor piece just requires a few basic supplies and is quite simple to make. Set the Spooky-web Mickey on your mantel or set beside some jack-o-lanterns to bring style and that Halloween spooky to your home. read more

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Simple to Make Hoop-Dee-Doo Inspired Chalkboard Sign

If you’ve ever been to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue you know you will leave with a full belly and an ACHING belly from all the food and the laughter you’ll have. They serve up some of the corny-est jokes I’ve ever heard and I’m so on board for it. If you’re looking for a simple way to bring a bit of that Hoop-Dee-Doo hootenanny fun into your kitchen décor, this cutting board turned chalkboard sign is the perfect Disney DIY project for you. This Hoop-Dee-Doo inspired decor piece is also super easy and cheap to make! So it’s a bona fide win-win especially when we want get to the good stuff… aka the down-home finger-lickin’ feast. read more

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